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R6 Crimson Heist Patch Notes: Check Out New R6 Operators, Weapons And Other Changes

R6 Crimson Heist Patch Notes is what most players are talking about right now. Check out the new R6 Operators, Crimson Heist Seasonal Skin, and more here.

r6 crimson heist patch notes

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular shooting games out there. This game has gained massive popularity by becoming one of the constant games at e-sports competitions. R6 is known for its multiplayer modes and is now bringing a whole new update, called Crimson Heist for the players to try out. This new Crimson Heist update brings New R6 Operators, Crimson Heist Seasonal Skin, and a lot more. Many want to check out the R6 Crimson Heist Patch Notes.

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R6 Crimson Heist Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege is working a lot on Year 6 of the game to provide a better gaming experience to the players. They are doing this by fixing the issues that are already in the game and providing new content for the players to check out. Learn the changes in R6 Crimson Heist Patch Notes Below:

New R6 Operators: Flores

Flores is a 2-Speed, 2-Armor assaulting administrator added to R6 during Crimson Heist. He can be furnished with either the full-auto AR33 for near medium-range or the self-loader SR-25 - to take out aggressors from a distance. Flores can likewise be outfitted with either a claymore or stagger explosives.

Flores' extraordinary ability is known as the RCE - Ratero Charge. This immensely prepared drone is a protector's worst foe. Not exclusively would it be able to move anyplace an ordinary drone can, yet it is likewise outfitted with a lethal unstable payload. This makes it an incredible asset when managing protective devices or dug-in protectors.

Border: Map Rework

  • 1F Bathroom has been expanded
  • 1F Bathroom now has a soft-wall leading into 1F Tellers Room (Near where the couch used to be)
  • 2F Archives has been expanded into the 2F Offices
  • New interior balcony connects East Stairs to 2F Break Room
  • New exterior staircase leads to the 2F Archives Balcony

New Secondary Weapon: Gonne-6

  • Gonne-6 is the new secondary weapon. This is a one-handed explosive hand-cannon, that is designed to punch holes into walls from a distance.

Match Replay Beta

  • New "Watch" page added to the main menu that allows players to view replays of past matches. The tool allows players to view matches from different player perspectives, pause, rewind, and even adjust the replay speed.

Newcomer Playlist Rework

  • Newcomer map pool will now feature 5 standard Siege maps (Coastline, Oregon, Kafe, Bank, and Clubhouse), along with 1 seasonal map that rotates each season. Each of these maps will feature recurring bomb sites throughout rounds to help players learn the maps more effectively.

Drone Proximity Awareness

  • Player drones can now detect Mozzie's Pest gadgets with a pulsing alert that will warn that they are nearby.

Disabled State for Electronic Gadgets

  • Players are now more clearly informed that their device was disabled by a mute jammer.

Operator Price Decrease

  • Lion & Finka's price will be decreased to 10,000 Renown (240 R6 Credits)
  • Mozzie & Gridlock's price will be decreased to 15,000 Renown (360 R6 Credits)
  • Oryx & Iana's price will be decreased to 20,000 Renown (480 R6 Credits)

Crimson Heist Seasonal Skin Weapon 

  • New Thermal Antipode Seasonal Weapon Skin

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