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Resident Evil 8 Goat Locations: Know Details About All 20 Goat Of Warding Locations

Resident Evil 8 Goat locations for you. Here is everything you need to know about all 20 Goat of Warding Locations in the game. Read more.

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Resident Evil Village had a great launch and players have already started playing the game passionately. Some of them are trying to find answers to some specific questions about all Resident Evil Village Goat locations. Finding and destroying all of them will award you the Cynic Trophy/Achievement (Destroy 1) and Heretic Trophy Achievement (Destroy 20) and help you earn 16,000 CP to use in the Extra Content Shop. If you have been wondering about all Resident Evil 8 Goat locations, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

All 20 Resident Evil 8 Goat locations - 

  • Goat of Warding 1
    • Players will be able to notice this Goat of Warding easily in the village square inside a shrine behind the Maiden of War statue and some gravestones on the right side.
  • Goat of Warding 2
    • The other Goat of Warding can be found on top of the village church roof with the Save Room. 
  • Goat of Warding 3
    • On top of a stone wall on the far left upper side of the Fallow Field, left of the gate to Luiza's Home. 
  • Goat of Warding 4
    • You will find the 4th Goat location in the Vineyard in front of the castle along the rocky walls near the scarecrows, before meeting The Duke. 
  • Goat of Warding 5
    • When you enter the Distillery in Castle Dimitrescu before going into the bloodwine waters you will be able to find the 5th Goat near the candles. It is easy to spot as it makes some loud noises.
  • Goat of Warding 6
    • Once you enter the Attic of Castle Dimitrescu after climbing a ladder up the secret passage in the Atelier, you will find another Goat nearby behind the ladder.
  • Goat of Warding 7
    • On the Lone Road leading from the Ceremony Site to the Village, under the bridge in a small dark room. 
  • Goat of Warding 8
    • Head towards the cemetery behind the village church, in the top right corner behind a mausoleum you will find a bobbling goat, however, you need to have the Iron Insignia Key. 
  • Goat of Warding 9
    • Between Luthier’s house and the shack to find a small area, you will find the other goat location on top of a firewood pile. 
  • Goat of Warding 10
    • For this one, you need to go to the Past Potter's Field heading to the Beneviento Estate. You will find the goat on the rickety bridge to the left. 
  • Goat of Warding 11
    • Just beyond the fence, you will be able to locate a goat outside House Beneviento on the railing facing the falls.
  • Goat of Warding 12
    • To the other side of the windmill after the Reservoir, you will find another goat location on a pile of logs near the entrance inside.
  • Goat of Warding 13
    • This one is a bit tough to find, but you will be able to find the goat during the progression through the flooded fishing village dodging Moreau. Here you need to look for large tall planks of woods between the main buildings which will lead you to the broken windmill to spot a goat rested on top.
  • Goat of Warding 14
    • Once you have defeated Moraeu, return to where you found the boat to go down through the drained windmill and look to the left.
  • Goat of Warding 15
    • This one can be easier if you are a bit perceptive. All you need to do look under the mill and you will find a small shrine in the middle of the stream with another goat you can destroy.
  • Goat of Warding 16
    • While you are walking down the stairwell in the Stronghold, you will find a goat behind some buckets on the right.
  • Goat of Warding 17
    • In the Ventilation area, you will have to go top of the Grinder Shaft in the Factory, barely poking out behind a bulldozer plate along the wall.
  • Goat of Warding 18
    • This one can be a little tough to find, however, you need to look out of the open lift door as you ride down with The Duke. The goat can be found wedged against one of the red support girders, and it can be sniped from up the ladder outside the lift on level MB3
  • Goat of Warding 19
    • In a small secret room after you defeat Sturm, crawl through a vent to the right of Heisenberg's Diary and Cigar to find it on top of a barrel.
  • Goat of Warding 20
    • In the final round, you will see Chris plant a detonator on the Megamycete. There, you need to look to the right of the large organism for a pool of water with black root spikes, and the large statue of a lady in the distance, at her feet is the goat.


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