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Resident Evil Village Spoilers: Here's Some Information About The Capcom Release

Resident Evil Village Spoilers is a popular search term used by gamers. To help them, we have listed some of the spoilers from the game right here. Read

resident evil village spoilers


Resident Evil Village release is just around the corner and the players are certainly curious about it. Players are so excited for the game that they are now trying to find some Resident Evil Village spoilers on the internet. So here is some valuable information about the game and its story. Read more to know about Resident Evil Village spoilers. 

Resident Evil Village Spoilers

  • One of the biggest spoilers one can get in the game is that Ethan Winters’ wife, Mia dies at the start of the game. This can be the biggest spoiler related to the Resident Evil Village story. A paramilitary team lead by Chris Redfield who is also responsible for taking away their daughter, Rose. 
  • The game is a complete sequel to the previous instalment of the game, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. A lot of things have also been inspired from the appearance of the previous RE releases. Thus do not get shocked if you spot a familiar structure or a building in the game. 
  • The makers have now made the game in a first-person person perspective, unlike the other Resident Evil releases. It is common to see a number of games taking up FPP mode for their players. Games like Far Cry and Call Of Duty are some of the biggest FPP games one can play currently. 
  • The players will get a number of different weapons as they keep progressing through the game. The players can also create their ammo and medicine with the supplies they get in the game. Apart from that, they will also get to use a completely new cooking system that can give them the ability to make permanent changes to their weapons and armour with animal meat. 

More about Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is supposed to be somewhere around 30 GB, which is less than other popular releases such as Call Of Duty Warzone, which is around 100 GB. The game has received a lot of great reviews from the critics. There are no fan reviews about this game since it had not been released yet. The players can expect to see a couple of glitches in the first version of the game. There is no game that has been utterly perfect upon its release. This could be fixed by the makers after the release of their first update. 


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