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Returnal Boss Guide: Tips And Tricks To Defeat All Bosses In The Game

Returnal Boss Guide has been a popular search term used by the gamers. To help them we have listed some information that can help defeat these bosses. Read more

returnal boss guide

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Returnal is currently the latest game released by Sony Interactive Entertainment and the players are certainly loving it. The makers have added a number of different bosses in the game that are extremely difficult to defeat. Thus the players are asking for a Returnal boss guide that can give them some tips and tricks to defeat these Returnal bosses easily. Here is a complete Returnal boss guide that can get you through the game. 

Returnal Boss Guide

There are a number of things one needs to keep in mind before heading into a  fight with any of the bosses in Returnal. The game has a total of 5 bosses and each one of them has three different phases to defeat. As you progress through these bosses, the difficulty will keep increasing with the phases. They need to watch their moves and learn how to anticipate all the attacks. For the same, they will need to face the boss and concentrate on getting to know the attack pattern of the boss.

It is not difficult to assume that every player will not be able to defeat all the three phases of the bosses in a single try. They will need to practice and learn each of the bosses' moves. To save your time and effort, the players can use the Reconstructors in the game to copy their character and its loadout. So they can restart from the same point they have used these Reconstructions in the game. Here is  a list of all the bosses in the game currently:

Returnal Boss list (All the bosses have three phases each)

  • Returnal First Boss: Phrike
  • Returnal Second Boss: Ixion
  • Returnal Third Boss: Nemesis
  • Returnal FourthBoss: Hyperion
  • Returnal Final Boss: Ophion

More about Returnal Bosses

Ether is an extremely rare and useful resource that can be found in the game. The makers have added a number of daily challenges to the game. Completing these challenges in the game can certainly make the players earn Ether quicker.  Without Ether, the players will not be able to use the Reconstructors. Each time a player uses the Reconstructor, they will need to ply a total of six Ether. Thus, completing these daily challenges can be the best option at earning the Ether in Returnal,which is certainly important. Follow all the above steps mentioned in the Returnal Boss guide and see a clear difference while fighting any of these bosses in the game. 

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