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Tiger King Challenge BitLife Requirements: How To Complete The Challenge?

Tiger King has made its way to BitLife which has some exciting challenges. Read on for Tiger King challenge BitLife requirements and how to complete it.

Tiger King challenge Bitlife

To celebrate the popular Netflix series Tiger King, BitLife has come up with a bunch of exciting challenges for the fans of the series who can now live a similar lifestyle in the game. The BitLife Tiger King challenge comes with a set of objectives. In this guide, we will take a look at all BitLife Tiger King challenges and how you can go about completing them.

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BitLife Tiger King Challenge Requirements

  1. Be a Male
  2. Start off in Oklahoma City
  3. Get married to a Man
  4. Own at least three big cats
  5. Hire a Hitman and go to jail

For people who have spent a good amount of time binge-watching the Tiger King series on Netflix, it is likely that you will be able to complete most of the challenges. But, for the uninitiated, the following details should definitely help in completing all the challenges without any trouble.

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How to complete the Tiger King challenge in BitLife

Here's a guide to completing all the tasks for the Tiger King Challenge.

Be a Male

The first requirement of the challenge is rather easy. You need to create a character who is a gay male.

Start off in Oklahoma City

Joe Exotic was born in Kansas City; however, he was able to gain infamy as a resident of Oklahoma. So you need to set your hometown as Oklahoma City, United States.

Get married to a man

The next requirement is also quite easy to fulfil as you have already set your sexual orientation earlier as gay. To complete this challenge, you will have to get married to another man. This can be done as soon as the character turns 18.

Own at least three big cats

The latest version of the game is allowing players to buy a pet even for users on the free version, meaning you don't need to have a Bitizenship to complete this challenge.

All you need to do is buy some big cats from the Exotic Pet Dealer. To access the option, you need to go to Activities > Pets area. You will find a number of pets labelled “Big Cat” in the pets section. You can buy lions, panthers, jaguars etc.

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Hire a Hitman and go to jail

The first part of completing this final challenge is hiring a Hitman to do your dirty work. This will be similar to Joe Exotic's alleged hit on Carole Baskin in the Netflix series; however, it doesn't matter who you are targetting. It could be one of your friends or even a random Bitizen member. To complete this challenge, you need to go to 'Crime' in the Activities section. Here, you will have the option to hire a hitman and select an individual as a target.

Make sure that your hitman fails the mission, just like Joe Exotic did in the series. Also, remember that once you get caught, you need to plead guilty if given a choice and end up behind bars to successfully complete the BitLife Tiger King Challenge

That’s all you need to do to complete the new Tiger King challenge. The challenge was introduced in the game as part of a recent BitLife update 1.36 and will end on May 18, 2020.

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