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Total Gaming Monthly Income, Free Fire ID Stats And More About The Popular Streamer

Total Gaming monthly income has been one of the most searched terms of the gaming community. So we have listed all the information we have about it. Read more

total gaming monthly income

Free Fire has been one of the most popular Battle Royale games since PUBG Mobile was banned from the Indian servers. A number of gaming streamers have managed to gain popularity by playing this game and the viewers have been asking questions related to the gamers recently. To help these players, we have managed to gather some information about these gamers. Read more

About Total Gaming  

Total Gaming is one of the biggest gaming streamers from India known for playing the popular Battle royale game, Free Fire. He started his gaming career in the year 2018 and has managed to gather a reputable amount of audience to this channel. Currently he has over 22.1 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. The gamer originates from Ahmedabad, Gujrat and is often compared to popular gamers like Desi Gamers and Badge 99. His name is Ajju Bhai. Apart from this a number of his fans have also been asking about his monthly income. So to help the players out, we have managed to gather some information about it. 

Total Gaming monthly income

Ajju Bhai oututbe channel has an average monthly view count of over 40-50 million views for a single month. The gamer managed to get the maximum of his earnings by doing his popular Free Fire live streams where the audience supports him by giving superchats. Sponsors and other ways of income also need to be considered before going over it his net worth. According to Gamingf website, Total Gaming monthly income is somewhere around 8 lakhs. His net worth is also estimated to be somewhere around 1.5 crores. Seeing such a fast growth of a streamer shows how strong the Indian gaming community has become in recent times. 

Total Gaming ID

Apart from this, the users also want to know about Total Gaming id and Total Gaming stats. This helps them to know how exactly the gamer has been performing in the various game modes he has been playing. According to a story by Gamingf website, the gamer has played a total of 11041 squad matches and has won 2690 matches. This makes his win rate to 24.36%. He also has 41191 kills that takes his kill death ratio to 4.93. Apart from that, we have also managed to get his stats for duo and solo matches right here. Read more about Total Gaming stats. 


  • Matches: 1674 
  • Wins: 310 
  • Win Rate: 18.51%
  • Kills: 6505 
  • Kill Death Ratio: 4.77


  • Matches: 907 
  • Wins: 79 
  • Win Rate: 8.71%
  • Kills: 2300 
  • Kill Death Ratio: 2.78

Total Gaming face and logo

Talking about the Total Gaming face, the streamer has not yet revealed his real identity. He says that he will be releasing his face in the year 2025. The players have also been talking about the Total Gaming logo. The logo is basically a pirate along with Total Gaming written just below it. The logo also has a lot of popularity amongst the gaming community in India. Currently, he is known for playing Free Fire and is also interested in playing a number of other games. His real anime is Ajju Bahi and his Free Fire ID is 451012596.

Promo Image Source: Total Gaming Instagram

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