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Twitch Streamer Yells At Baby In Live Stream, Gets Slammed By Netizens

Twitch Streamer faces backlash after a video of him yelling at his baby goes viral on social media. Find out what happened in the video.

twitch streamer yells at baby

Recently a shocking clip surfaced on Twitter, wherein a twitch streamer is seen yelling with rage on his infant son after his controller malfunctioned midway during a Madden NFL game. The streamer who initially was known by the name buckkerz, has received a lot of backlash on social media ever since the clip went viral. He is believed to have deleted all his videos from social media and has changed his name to imsorry123456. Find out what happened.

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Twitch streamer yells at baby during live stream

In the viral clip, netizens can see that the streamer is playing a live game of Madden NFL, while holding his baby on his lap. However, midgame his controller malfunctions and causes him to fly off the handle. He then violently almost throws the baby on the nearby bean bag. When the baby begins to cry he yells out, “shut the f**k up.” This berating behaviour invited a lot of backlash online and Twitter users condemned the gamer for how he had treated the baby. Many called this child abuse.

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Madden streamer gets identified by netizens

Moments after his video went viral online, buckkerz reportedly deleted all his social media handles to stay away from the backlash. A Twitter user alleged that the man seen in the video was Edward Buck Watkins, a resident of South Boston, Virginia. According to a report in SportsKeeda, one thing that makes this situation very ironic is that on his Facebook page, the streamer had written, “Being a good father and husband is my main goal in life.” With dissent continuing to rise online, many users have also started petitioning to contact CPS in the hopes of preventing further mistreatment. Another controversy ensued recently after a clip of another streamer went viral, where she was seen berating a cancer patient.

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Streamer makes fun of a girl with cancer

In the video clip, The YouTuber and streamer is seen chatting with random strangers on, which is a free online chat website, that allows people of socializing with others without having to register. Tessi, threatened the girl to keep her from posting the clip on the internet and claimed that her fans would never know that she had made fun of a cancer patient. However, the video went viral pretty quickly.

In the video Tessi is seen insulting the anonymous person constantly, calling her ‘fat;’, ‘ugly,’ ‘special needs person,’ and even worse. She sneeringly adds, “My lips cost more than you” and “at least I am not a wh**re. She then says, “at least I am not fu***ng poor.”

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After about three minutes, Tessi admitted that she wouldn’t post the video because she would get cancelled. She then realizes that the anonymous girl was wearing a wig and demands the wig is taken off. Even after the girl suggested that she might have cancer, the influencer kept making fun of her, calling her “deformed” and “pathetic”. At the time of writing this story, it has not been confirmed if the girl really did have cancer.

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