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Warzone Intel Locations: Here Are All The Locations To Complete The Hunt For Adler Event

Warzone Intel Locations have been updated for the Hunt for Adler event. Because of the popualrity around it, we have listed valuable information about it. Read

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Source: Call Of Duty Twitter

The Warzone makers have managed to gain a lot of attention for their latest event called the Hunt for Adler event. Some players have been trying to ask specific questions about this event. They are trying to find Warzone intel locations and are asking questions like where is Adler intel in Warzone. To help these players, here is some information about the Warzone intel locations. Read more to know where is the Adler intel in Warzone. 

Where is Adler Intel in Warzone?

There are a total of three Warzone intel locations currently in the game. This was all introduced because of the Hunt for Adler event that has been released for the Warzone players. These locations are easy to find as they have already been marked on the map. You can identify the Adler location with the help of a special icon on the map. To be precise, these Adler locations include Farms, Summit, and Factory. 

The icon can be identified by finding a logo that is extremely similar to a man with sunglasses. The area around the Factory has a number of contracts laying around thus increasing the chances of a clash right here. Thus going to the other location like the Farm and Summit could be suggested. Because of the popularity around Hunt for Adler events, you can certainly expect to see a number of players in these locations. 

Apart from this, the makers have confirmed that Warzone Season 3 will start on April 22. The makers have released the update on April 21 at 9 p.m. PT and on April 22 at 12 a.m. ET.  This will allow the users to load the update before it has been launched. Some players have even found out about the changes made to the nuke event because of the new season launch. This will also bring in some changes to the popular map called Verdansk along with Season 3. The latest update has been released for the players that bring in a number of changes to the game. We have managed to list some of these changes right here. 

Information is taken from Warzone's official blog post

General fixes:

  • The RC-XD has been removed from Buy Stations and is now only available via Containment Monitors.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to equip Armor Plates after activating certain Killstreaks or Field Upgrades.
  • The Containment Protocol missiles will no longer land in the Play Area.
  • The Containment Protocol missiles have had their sound effects volume reduced.
  • Fixed a bug causing Loadout Drops to block movement and projectiles after the crate collapses.
  • King Slayer Trios - The Gas Circle will no longer move completely outside of the Play Area.

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