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Warzone Venom Dart: How To Unlock Venom Dart Blueprint In COD Warzone?

Warzone Venom Dart Blueprint is one of the items that the players have been trying to get their hands on. Learn how to unlock Venom Dart Blueprint here.

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COD Warzone always offers something new for the players to try out. Whether it be new skins, new weapons, new events, players are always kept engaged in the game. Warzone constantly updates the game to come up with new features and substance for the players. The latest thing that players have their eye on is the Venom Dart Blueprint in Warzone. Many want to learn more about Warzone Venom Dart.

Warzone Venom Dart

The Venom Dart Blueprint that players are looking for in the game is actually the Poison dart Blueprint for the LC10 weapon. This new blueprint was added along with other items and features in one of the recent Warzone Updates. Many players have been wanting to learn how to unlock Venom Dart Blueprint in Warzone, and the process for that is very simple. The players just need to reach tier 100 in the Season 2 Battle Pass and they will be rewarded with the Poison Dart Blueprint. That’s basically how to unlock Venom Dart Blueprint in Warzone.

Warzone Exfiltration Mode

Exfiltration Trios is the latest LTM event that has been added to Warzone. In this game mode, the players will be put in teams of 3, and the team holding the radio when the timer runs out wins the game. Many players are confused about how to play Warzone Exfiltration. Check out the guide on how to play Warzone exfiltration below:

  • In exfiltration, the players will be dropped in Verdansk, keep in mind 100 players will be dropped together, so chaos is bound to take place.
  • Once they reach the ground, a huge circle will appear on the map, which will mark the poison gas, this circle will function as normal, and the circle will keep getting small to make the play area smaller too.
  • In this mode there will also be a yellow circle, this yellow circle will also keep on depleting with time. This yellow circle will mark the approximate area where the radio will spawn.
  • Once the radio is picked up by any of the teams, all the players in the session will be alerted about it and all players will start looking for them like hound dogs.
  • The aim of the game is not to just get a hold of the radio but keep it in the team until the timer runs out to win the game. Once the radio is picked up a timer for 5 minutes starts.

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