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Warzone Wednesday Tournament Leaderboard, Prizes, And Controversy

JoshOG and his Call of Duty squad of HusKerrs and Diegosaurs have claimed the Warzone Wednesday tournament crown along with prize money of $20k. Get details.

Warzone Wednesday tournament

Call of Duty Warzone has seen a huge success since coming out a few weeks ago with millions of fans logging into COD’s second run at the genre. Gaming influencers and some of the biggest names from across the gaming community have flocked to the battle royale.

After being done with other popular BR games, YouTube sensation KEEMSTAR came up with a weekly tournament series titled Warzone Wednesday, which features some of the biggest stars of gaming content creation.

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$20K Warzone Wednesday tournament

JoshOG, along with his star-studded squad of HusKerrs, and Diegosaurs came out victorious in the second week of KEEMSTAR’s Warzone Wednesday tournament. They were able to score a 91–76 win over the Ninja squad which was secured in the final game of the tournament. Led by Ninja, the Ninja squad also featured King Richard and TSM Albralelie.

After a competitive battle through the open bracket, JoshOG and his team were able to top the chart after scoring a total of 221 kills. Their rivals Ninja and team had joined them in the finals after beating NoahJ456, Aydan, and TylerTeeP.

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Warzone Wednesday tournament controversy

Warzone Wednesday tournament had also been plagued with some controversies which involved Vikkstar123, ProSyndicate, and Itz_WarZ getting kicked out in the semi-finals after bumping into some Warzone hackers. KEEMSTAR later took to his Twitter handle to address the matter and the issue that was faced mid-tournament. He also apologised and stated that they couldn’t reset the bracket and grant them a restart while demanding COD investigate the issue.

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Warzone Wednesday tournament - Leaderboard and Prizes (Top 5)


Team Total Eliminations

Prize Money


JoshOG, HusKerrs, and Diegosaurs





Ninja, King Richard, and TSM Albralelie



NoahJ456, Aydan, and TylerTeeP



Vikkstar123, ProSyndicate, and Itz_WarsZ



Nadeshot, Cloakzy, CourageJD


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