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What Does Tombstone Do In Cold War; How To Find And Use The Tombstone

What does Tombstone do in Black Ops Cold War? If you're in possession of a tombstone soda, you can revive yourself with all your weapons and gear.

what does tombstone do in cold war

The old Tombstone perk from Black Ops games has returned in Black Ops Cold War for the Firebase-Z game mode. It can help you revive yourself with weapons when you're down. Read along to find out how to get it and instructions on how to use it. 

What Does Tombstone Do In Cold War

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The new Call of Duty: Black Ops received it's 'Season 1: Reloaded' update recently. As part of that update, the studio has added a lot of new content in the game. The main attraction of this seasonal update has undoubtedly been the introduction of a new Zombies map called Firebase Z. This is the first zombie mode in the latest Black Ops Cold War game. The Tombstone is going to be incredibly helpful in this game mode. It gets harder and harder to survive as you progress through the zombie game mode. The Tombstone soda essentially grants you another chance to fight in the game by giving you all your weapons back. 

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Where to Find the Tombstone Perk 

You can find the Tombstone Perk somewhere on the Firebase Z map. You will have to collect money in-game to buy it though. Follow these steps to improve your chances of getting the Tombstone. 

  • Start a game of Firebase Z
  • Kill Zombies till you've called $1,500 
  • Go to the door with the big purple arrow above it at the spawn location. 
  • Go up the stairs through the door and keep following the natural path. 
  • Soon you will come across another purple arrow on the wall, follow it. 
  • Pass through the Teleporter
  • Go to the satellite ahead of you and you'll find the Tombstone perk machine near a lamppost. 
  • You can buy the Tombstone Perk here. 

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How to use the Tombstone Perk

So, now you're in possession of the tombstone perk, but what does Tombstone do in Cold War? Basically, if you're in possession of a tombstone soda from the machine, you can revive yourself with all your weapons and gear once after dying. Here's how to do it:  

  • Purchase the Tombstone Perk at the aforementioned machine. 
  • When you get downed, press the "use" button immediately to drop a tombstone. 
  • When you respawn, rush to the location of the tombstone, as it'll only stay there for a very short time. 
  • When you collect it, you can get back all your weapons and perks. 
  • However, you won't get the tombstone perk back once used. 

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