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What Is Low Profile In Apex Legends? How Different Sized Hitboxes Affect Characters?

Apex Legends just released a big update that may have confused a few players. Read on to know what is low profile in Apex Legends and what is Fortified.

what is low profile in apex legends

Apex Legends is one of the best online battle royale games out there along with Fortnite and Pubg. The recent Chaos Theory Apex Legends update added a lot of new stuff to the game that might be hard to understand for the newer players. You can take a look at the new changes made in the game with the latest update here on the official Apex Legends blog. Today, we'll be looking into two important concepts in the game: Low Profile and Fortified.

What are Hitboxes In Apex Legends?

To understand Low Profile In Apex Legends, players have to first understand the concept of hitboxes. Each individual character in the game has a hitbox that is based on their model. For eg. For a character like Gibraltar, who is a big tank character, his hitbox is quite large, meaning players can target a larger area of his body to register shots. Meanwhile, characters like Wraith, who is one of the smallest characters in the game has a small hitbox, meaning players have a small area of hitbox that they can target compared to the bigger characters. Basically, characters with larger hitboxes are easier to hit and characters with small hitboxes are harder to hit, giving the smaller characters an advantage. So, to balance this irregularity, the game has the mechanics of Low Profile and Fortified. Read on to know what is low profile in Apex Legends. 

What Is Low Profile In Apex Legends?

The Apex Legends Low Profile is an in-game characteristic that some players possess. Low Profile is a passive ability that characters with small hitboxes have. When these characters receive incoming damage from gunshots or grenades, they take an extra 5% of damage, to compensate for their reduced hitboxes. As of now, the players who have this passive ability are Lifeline, Watson and Wraith, the smallest characters in the game. 

What Is Fortified In Apex Legends?

The Fortified passive was added at the same time as Low Profile was added into the game. This is a passive ability that is exclusive to characters with the largest hitboxes. Characters who have this passive take decreased damage from enemy attacks, which makes them harder to kill. These characters take 15 % less damage and aren't slowed down after being hit, which compensates for their larger hitboxes. As of now, the characters who possess the Fortified passive are Gibraltar and Caustic. 

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