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Where Is Mylta Power In PUBG Mobile And How To Find The Loot?

PUBG Mobile features many locations on the map which offer high-quality loots. Read on to know where is Mylta Power in PUBG Mobile and how to find the loot.

Where is Mylta Power in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile features a comprehensive map that can be considered an atlas of danger and opportunities. And while there are several loot spots that you can float to, some locations are consistently better than others and risky. The Mylta Power is one such location on the map which involves a lot of loots, and a good chance of getting killed before even getting started.

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Where is Mylta Power in PUBG Mobile?

Mylta Power is a small power plant in Battlegrounds which is situated on the east coast of the Erangel. And while certain players may call it a city, it is just a capital power station on the island. Similar to the Military base, Mylta Power can be found on the extreme end of the map.

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Mylta Power in PUBG Mobile

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A path close to this power plant is also close to the Military Base, Prison, Novorepnoye and the Mansion. These are all more popular options you may consider when it comes to loots and also distract people away from the Mylta Power. You can visit the place solo or with a squad.

Mylta Power location - How to find the loot? 

And since the loot is generally good at this location, it attracts a lot of players. You will come across a number of high-quality pieces of equipment here which include the best machine guns, sniper rifles, helmets, and a lot more. So, if you're planning to drop by, you can directly go for the roof of the huge rectangular green factory for a major loot. Once you have cleaned that out, you can go to the tents around it to finish off the sweep. There will be 3 to 4 tents in the area with major loots inside. However, as a number of people land here at a time, you should be more careful. 

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