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Why Was Samsora Banned From Smash Bros Tournaments? Know The Truth Behind Samsora's Ban

Samsora is one of the best professional Smash Bros players who was recently banned from Smash Bros tournaments. Read on to why was Samsora banned.

why was samsora banned

Image Source: Samsora Fanpage Twitter

Smash Bros is one of the most popular games in the world and has a robust competitive environment. 'Samsora' is one of the best Smash Bros pro players and is often considered to be one of the top players in the game. However, the gamer has landed himself in the middle of a controversy. Samsora has been banned from competing in major Smash Bros tournaments in the future. Read on to know why was Samsora banned. 

Why was Samsora banned from Smash Bros Tournaments?

The whole controversy involving Samsora started in September of last year. A Smash Bros player 'Nairo' who had been involved in sexual misconduct situation with CaptianZack, an underage Smash Bros player. As reported by, Nairo claimed that CaptainZack was the one who initiated the relationship via a non-consensual contact with Nairo. Nairo claimed this happened while he was sleeping. As per the report by, Samsora knew about the whole situation, as he was close friends with the both of them. 

However, being aware of the sexual misconduct situation involving a minor, Samsora chose to remain quiet about the issue. After this whole thing came to light, Samsora was shunned by the Smash Bros community for not taking the steps to protect the interests of the underage CaptainZack. Even after he was aware of the situation, Samsora continued to collaborate with the streamer 'Nairo' which enranged a lot of his fans. This was the main reason he got banned from various Smash Bros tournaments and shunned by the community. 

After his ban, Samsora took to Twitter to voice out his anger. He made a Tweet saying, "I'm relieved that I'm banned now I can do whatever the freak I want without feeling there is a cloud above my head. Don't be sad for me y'all, I accept full responsibility and my actions are my own. There's so much in life out there." However, since then, Samsora has deleted that Tweet and deactivated his Twitter account. 

About Samsora

Ezra Samsora Morris is popularly known as 'Samsora' in the Smash Bros community. Samsora was born on March 4, 1998, in Louisiana. His family later moved to New Orleans in the United States. Samsora's family always supported his wishes to play as a gamer competitively in Smash Bros. As of now, Samsora is pursuing a Business degree at Broward College, alongside his gaming career. It's unsure how long his ban will last or if he will be allowed to come back to Smash Bros competitive. Stay tuned for more news on Smash Bros and gaming. 

Image Source: Samsora Fanpage Twitter

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