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International Travel Certificate: A Step-by-Step Guide For Downloading Document From CoWIN

Fully vaccinated person can now obtain WHO-compliant Intl. Travel vaccine certificate. CoWin has enabled feature for downloading foreign travel certificate.



A fully vaccinated person can now obtain the WHO-compliant International Travel vaccine certificate. CoWin has finally enabled the feature for downloading the foreign travel certificate. Ram Sewak Sharma, CEO of the National Healthy Authority, announced in a statement that the certificate complies with WHO's digital recording of COVID-19 certifications for the discovery of vaccination status data.

Sharma added, "We will add more such features. If there are specific requirements needed in the vaccination certificates for specific countries, we will format the certificate, according to advice from The Ministry of External Affairs. India too will then accept certificates of other countries’ travellers in the same format. Thus, the beneficiary details will be the same, only the format will change."

How to download International travel certificate?

International visitors are required to obtain vaccination certificates in accordance with the protocol of the country they are going. The CoWin software, which is also used for Vaccine Registration, makes it simple to download a travel cum vaccination certificate. Refer to the details in the post below to download the Cowin International Travel Certificate:

  • To begin, launch the Cowin application on your mobile phone.

  • Additionally, click the Login Button and provide your mobile number and OTP to log in.

  • Thirdly, When you go to your profile, you'll find the option to 'Download Certificate,' as well as an option to 'Download International Certificate.'

  • After that, select the latter option, which will take you to a screen where you must re-enter your date of birth and passport number.

  • It will tell you that your request for an international certificate has been successfully submitted when you've successfully provided your details.

  • Finally, go back to your CoWin account and click on the 'Download International Certificate' button, which will open a new tab with the certificate on it.

The Cowin Travel Certificate contains a few particular details that are checked by Immigration Authorities:

  • Passport Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Vaccine Name 
  • Date of vaccination
  • Batch Number of Vaccine
  • WHO Approval Number
  • Name of Person
  • ID Card details
  • Location Of Vaccination Center

What's different about the certificate this time?

While the certificate may appear to be the same as the previous one, there have been some alterations. To begin with, the certificate now includes the name of certificate's manufacturer. Another difference is that instead of the Aadhar number, the passport number now appears on ID proof. The WHO-DDCC VS data dictionary is also referenced at the bottom of the certificate.


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