3-Year Old Locks Out Dad From Apple IPad For 48 Years: Device Now Reportedly Restoring


Evan Osnos is now reportedly able to restore his locked (for 48 years) Apple iPad device.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Evan Osnos, now famous for his Apple iPad locking him out for 48 years due to his 3-year old kid keying in the wrong password, has now been able to restore his device due to technical suggestions shared by Twitterati. His iPad is now reportedly restoring.

Updating the latest information on Twitter, Osnos stated that he got his Apple iPad into the DFU mode; and he recommends users facing similar predicaments to not hold the sleep/power button for too long as this takes the device into recovery. He also states that his device is now restoring.

Check out his newest tweet below

Here, it is worth noting that not too long ago Osnos’ iPad locked him out for a staggering 48 years after his 3-year-old kid entered the wrong password. As soon as Osnos took to Twitter to announce his iPad blocking him, Twitterati came up with crazy ideas that involved advising him to “Call Tim Apple”, and more. Click here to check out their crazy suggestions.

Nonetheless, there were those who shared true technical advice that involves a hard restore via the Recovery Mode and recovering through iTunes.

The notable update from this whole saga is the fact that Apple’s underlying security mechanism comes to the fore clearly. If there are attempts at breaking in to/sneaking into others’ devices then there would be a huge price to pay for the other party, more than you.  Always remember to correctly memorize the right password for your Apple devices.

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