5 Best Sony PS4 Games To Potentially Indulge In During This Weekend: PUBG, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, And More


The 5 best games for Sony PS4 console owners to unwind on the weekend are here. Now, these titles are based on our in-game experiences as well as recommendation by the pros

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The best games for Sony PS4 console owners to unwind on the weekend are here. Now, these titles are based on our in-game experiences as well as recommendation by the pros. Dabbing with games during the weekend is seemingly an opportunity to relax and unwind after having clocked long hours at work and the business of life.

Here, these games are applicable specifically to PS4 owners and include a combination of classic as well as newly released titles falling into multiple genres such as action-adventure, and strategy. Check out our list of the top 5 PS4 games for this weekend below; in case you think that there is more to add to the list do share in the comments section below:


  • PUBG:  PUBG recently hit the PlayStation network amidst intense speculation that it would introduce the Vikendi Snow Map following its entry. Though the latter would be released a little later, the game itself deserves a mention in this list considering the fact that it has taken the action-adventure genre to an all new level. PUBG won multiple awards and honors, but lost out in the Mobile Game of the Year segment at he recent Game Awards 2018.

    Gamers eager to purchase PUBG can now find the game in the PlayStation store; where the title costs Rs 2750. USP SP of PUBG is the fact that 100 players are sent to an island where there are intensely unfamiliar territories. Showdown amongst players takes place here.

     Also, the weapons in-game look relatively realistic which gives off a real-world feel.

  • God Of War: The Game of 2018 (won at The Game Awards) also fits into the category of recommended weekend games considering the fact that strategy is given utmost importance in-game. God of War lets players dwell in unknown territories whilst fighting enemies.

    The game is available, to buy,  at the PlayStation Store for Rs 2750

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: This first-person-shooter (fps) seemingly takes the entire strategy fighting aspect to another level. Gameplay involves players protecting a secret that could serve as a threat to human race. The game is available for PS4 gamers, to buy, at Rs 4100.
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - The title, released in 2017, is playable on Sony PS4 platforms. The game falls into the category of survival and strategies. USP of the game is that it lets players bring out stealth (in-game though), and use clever strategies to defray enemies whilst on a custom mission.

    The game is also compatible with PlayStation VR, and is currently up for purchase for Rs 1250 (online).

  • Just Cause 4: This action-adventure game was released in December 2018 and follows the third-person-perspective (TPS). Players take up the role of the protagonist Rico Rodriguez and navigate through conditions not suitable for the ordinary.

    At this point in time, Just Cause 4 is available for purchase online at Rs 3600.

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