5G Smartphones: OnePlus New Handset Could Be An Early Adapter In 2019, Check Out How


OnePlus 5G smartphone could be launched in May; this could be amongst the first 5G compatible smartphones. OnePlus currently ahs the OnePlus 6T handset in stores across India.

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OnePlus 5G smartphone could now be a reality during the early part of 2019. However, this could be a model other than OnePlus 7. The China-based company stated that it could practically showcase a 5G-compatible smartphone as early as during May 2019.

Now, as per a Cnet report that quotes OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, the 5G compliant smartphone could be first launched in Europe followed by a much wider global rollout. Also, Pete stated that this handset would not be targeted at fast cash rather as an early adapter of 5G wireless standards offering OEMs and developers ample opportunities to innovate.

Also, Pete stated to Cnet that th 5G smartphone from OnePlus would not be the OnePlus 7 that is rumoured to succeed the current-gen OnePlus 6T which falls into the premium category. Hence, it is only imminent to wonder that there could potentially be yet another smartphone launching between the OnepLus 6T and the OnePlus 7 with 5G compatibility.

There could also be an entire family of new 5G-enabled OnePlus smartphones, following an entirely different nomenclature. At this juncture, it is worth noting that the 5G smartphone trend has been catching up and rumour mills are abuzz with the fact that there would be at least a couple of these prototypes showcased at the Mobile World Congress next year (MWC 2019).

As far as 5G smartphones are concerned, chip maker Intel recently revealed a 5G modem called the XMM 8160 that could also offer backwards compatibility for current-gen HSPA and LTE network standards. The Intel XMM 8160 is slated to start shipments during the late part of 2019 which hints at a potential commercial launch of smartphones with this modem inside (5G-compatible) during early 2020.

As of now, official announcements regarding 5G smartphones from smartphone brands are yet to come to the fore; with OnePlus announcing that it would showcase a 5G smartphone in May 2019, we could potentially witness the first 5G-compatible handset then. Also, it could take a while before these hit Indian shores.

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