After Netflix Raises Cost Of Subscription In US, Check Out How The Indian Scenario Looks Like


Would Netflix raise prices of subscription plans in India? The content streaming platform has raised prices in US, in India it is doing reasonably well as far as attracting content consumers is concerned.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

It is already known that popular content streaming service Netflix resorted to increasing streaming prices in the US by as much as 18%. Now, this move has been reportedly described by the company as having resorted to due to increased investments in offering quality entertainment to subscribers.

In this regard, it is already known that the Indian scheme of things is now an avid consumer of quality content offered by streaming services as the consumer community seeks an apparent change in the way content (in all forms) is currently dished out. Hence, this led to Netflix aggressively focussing on India as a result of which custom-made content such as Sacred Games, and much more came to the fore. In these situations, it only becomes natural for the avid Netflix subscriber to ponder over the fact about a potential increase in subscription pricing in India as well.

“Would there be an increase in the prices of Netflix subscription plans in India?” has naturally become an important aspect to ponder at this point in time.

Here, it is worth noting that multiple biggies in the Indian entertainment industry spanning all languages including the likes of film-makers, directors, and actors have intensively taken to producing shows/films that are exclusive to Netflix subscribers. So would the increase in subscription plans pricing in the US lead to a similar scenario in India? The answer could come to the fore in the very near future considering the fact that there is multitude of Netflix-only shows lined up for release. These include the likes of a multitude of Bollywood actors who have resorted to even producing their own web series (seeded to Netflix subscribers) apparently gauging the content needs of the Indian consumer community.

As far as the US Netflix scenario is concerned, the new prices of plans are still said to be reasonable when compared to what rival HBO offers. In India, there could be a potential repeat of this scenario considering the fact that there is Amazon Prime which also streams exclusive content and buys out rights to stream content (from external content creators). Then there are the likes of Voot that have their own platforms to stream content. Hence, in case Netflix does resort to increasing subscription plans in India, this could lead to another healthy battle wherein consumers would be potentially increasingly spoilt for choice as far as consuming the right content at the right time is concerned. This could also make content creators increasingly aggressive.

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