Android Planning SMS 2.0? 'Ditto' Feature To Add Web Client Feature In Impending Release

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Google may be about to give its Android Messages app a web client, among other upgrades

Remember SMS? It used to be all the rage about a decade ago. Being able to send short text messages redefined communication in the mobile era, but as with a lot of its contemporaries (PC messenger apps like Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, etc.), right about the time that people began to think that it was the future, it was already being superceded by newer, shinier and more powerful innovations.

Now, many people may go for weeks without sending an SMS -- a plethora of mobile network-based apps have seen to that. However, that's not to say that the good ol' messenger hasn't been given an upgrade once in a while. 

Apple, on its iOS platform, has combined SMS with its own messenger service that allows for sending images, emoji, animoji, video and other such, so long as it's to another iOS device. But such a tune-up was (and continues to be) missing from Android devices.

However, as per the Android Police, one of the many websites that tracks impending releases and developments on the platform, Android Messages is getting a new feature!

The feature appears set to make its bow in Android Messages v2.9 and can most accurately be compared to WhatsApp for Web, the browser client and downloadable software that allows one to mirror the WhatsApp application on their phone on their PCs.

(Ditto appears to be similar to WhatsApp for Web)

This is but one of the features that have been revealed. As per the APK teardown on which the report is based the new feature is codenamed Ditto, which implies a similar modus operandi as Whatsapp for Web (or Allo for Web if you're a Google stickler).

The upgrade also appears to have ramifications for payments via mobile phones. We'll have to wait and watch to find out what other modifications Google has planned, but from early evidence, SMS 2.0 is on the cards!