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Apple AirTag Price, Release Date And Features; AirTags Will Help Find Your Lost Things

Apple recently launched the Apple AirTags at their Apple Live event on YouTube. Read on to know more about Apple AirTag Price, Release Date and Features

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Image Source: Apple Spring Loaded Event

Apple has just announced one of their most anticipated and highly innovative little gadgets - the Apple AirTag. The AirTag was launched at the Apple Live event on their page on YouTube. The AirTag is an innovative modern piece of technology disguised as a sleek stylish keychain. The AirTag will be linked to your iPhone device and will help you find lost things such as keys, wallets or purses or anything you might consider of importance. Read on to know more details about the Apple AirTag, AirTag Price and AirTag release date. 

Apple AirTage Release Date and Price

The release date and price for the AirTags were also announced along with their introduction. The Apple AirTags will be available for preorder from this Friday, which is April 22, 2021. The AirTags will become available for purchase on April 30. As for the price, a single AirTag has been priced at $29, but if users are interested in buying AirTags in bulk, Apple also has the offer of buying 4 AirTags for the price of $99. 

What is Apple AirTag? 

The Apple AirTag is Apple's latest useful accessory which will make finding important things easier.  The Apple AirTags are small, round-shaped devices that can be synced to your Apple device and help you find anything important that you have a habit of losing. The Apple AirTag works on the company's Precision Finding technology, which is also found in Apple's 'Find my iPhone' app. So what is Precision Finding? Basically, Precision Finding is apple's own encrypted software that allows users to locate their lost devices such as iPhones, iPads and even MacBooks. Apple combines the data from their large network of Apple devices using WiFi, GPS and other technology to accurately locate your lost devices. 

The newly announced AirTags will work in a similar way, where users can attach the AirTags to important things like their car keys, wallets, important documents etc. In case one of the things users put the AirTag on goes missing, users can locate their track down their stuff using the AirTag. The users can track the exact location of their AirTag with their iPhones. Apple also announced in their live event that AirTags will be completely secure, meaning users will only be able to locate their own AirTags that are specifically synced to their devices. There will be no issues of cross connectivity between AirTags and iPhones belonging to different people. AirTag is a nifty useful feature for people who tend to always lose their stuff in a hurry. 

Image Source: Apple Spring Loaded Event

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