Apple IPad Restricts Man From Using It For 48 Years, For Wrong Password, Twitterati Go Crazy


A 3-year-old id keyed in the wrong password so many times that the device locked his dad from using it for 48 years.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

It seems that an Apple iPad user cannot access his slate for a staggering 48 years, and guess the reason - it is for keying in the wrong password - not by him but his 3-year old kid. This user, called Evan Osnos has even taken to micro-blogging site Twitter to share an image of his iPad being locked for 48 years.

Firstly, check out the image that Osnos shared on Twitter, below:

Now his 3-year old kid seemingly attempted to unlock the device and keyed in the wrong password repeatedly. This is said to have resulted in the device blocking Osnos for a period of 25,536, 442 minutes that translates roughly to 48 years.

If you are an Apple user, or user of any smartphone, it is already a known fact that devices lock you out after you repeatedly key-in the wrong password. iOS devices have n extra layer of security when it comes to blocking attempts of gaining unauthorized access. Apple device usually lock out users, for wrong passwords, for relatively longer durations but 48 years is by any stretch of imagination unacceptable. Here, evan Osnos is asking Twitterati for suggestions to recover his locked iPad; if you feel that the 48 year ordeal for the man is too much, do share creative insights on his Twitter account (using the embedded tweet above) so that he get sto recover his iPad without having to wait for 48 years.

Twitterati go crazy

As soon as Osnos put out his tweet, Twitterati instantly jumped to respond and offered suggestions such as “Pour one out in memory of your iPad” , “Next time just give your kid the password”, “Just wait the 48 years”, “ Call Tim Apple”, and more.





However, such a locked device could be restored through a hard restore via the Recovery mode, and via the iTunes recovery. The stored data would be all gone, though.

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