Google Search Engine Letting You Comment On Results: Check Out Now


Google Search Results comments functionality lets you comment on search results and leave notes for others as well. The feature could now be live for some regions and languages across the world

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The comment functionality is now apparently been restricted to only sports.

You could soon comment on Google search results, and could indicate your preference and even let others know. This is due to the Add a Public Comment feature that is now official in some regions and languages. The functionality lets you indicate your observations on Google Search results. 

Check out Google Search now, and the Comment functionality; the search engine giant states that the functionality would be rolled out across multiple regions shortly. However, you would need to follow Google's policies before you comment on search results, and if you don't; comments might not be made visible.

To check out how to comment on Search results, follow the below steps:

Navigate to Google Search 

Search for something

Click More, in the overview box

Then click Comments > Viewers

Select Add a public comment

Key in your comment

To check out comments by others

Navigate to Google Search 

Search for something

Click More, in the overview box

Select Comments

To choose comments, select Commentators/Viewers

To read all comments, choose All Comments/Top Comments

To delete comments:

Navigate to Google Search 

Search for the aspect which you earlier searched 

Click More, in the overview box

Select Comments > Viewers

Once you have the comment, select More > Delete

Additionally, you could also like/dislike/report comments. Do check out if the comments functionality in Google Search is live within your region. This could also be a phased rollout, hence keep your eyes and ears open, and share if these developments are visible in respective geographical regions/languages..

Finally, the key here is to keep abreast of Google’s guidelines for these comments; without which you would not be able to share your insights or mark notes on search results. Do check out Google Support for guidelines on search engine results comments.

“You can leave comments on things you’ve searched for on Google, like a sports game. You can also read and rate comments left by other,” states Google in its official support page.

“Comments on Google Search don't yet work in all languages and all regions. The name on your About me page shows with your comments. You can’t add an anonymous comment,” it adds. 

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