Here’s How You Could Technically Do Your Bit To Help People In The Mumbai Rains 


You could report road closures due to the Mumbai rain, on Google Maps.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Heavy rains anywhere in India obviously lead to closure of roads, even multiple ones. It is best if motorists are informed about these in advance and what best way than Google Maps coming to the rescue. With the latest Mumbai rains, it is seemingly possible to report any closed roads you may encounter so that other users are informed and make smart travel choices. This requires manual enabling on Google Maps. Here’s how you enable road closure reporting on Google Maps: 

Step 1: Launch Google Maps application (app) 

Step 2: Select Mumbai Floods that is a custom option 

Step 3: Expand the Mumbai Floods sub menu 

Step 4: Upon selecting the card, click on Navigation Impact and select Report Road Closure 

Step 5: Select the appropriate area and report the road closures there caused due to floods, here you should also be able to see road closed reports by other users. Key in all the information related to the road.  

This feature could prove useful and save motorists from potential hassles in Mumbai. While reporting such a road closure, do ensure that you are parked at safe/appropriate places to shield yourself from the Mumbai rains and your gadgets used for reporting road closures as well.  

The above guide is applicable to reporting road closures in Mumbai, via Google Maps for Android. In Apple iOS, the reporting mechanism is similar but a differs slightly when it comes to the way in which details pertaining to road closure have been keyed in. 

Now, we certainly cannot term this feature in Google Maps as “earthbreaking” or “technology to the rescue”, but it is simple-assist that could probably save the local traffic police the burdens of managing traffic and traffic-related accidents. 

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