HTC Could Surpass The 5G Smartphone Expectation Globally Through Major Revival 


HTC slated for a comeback soon?

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HTC Smartphones are not going away!

At a time when lesser-known brands and comparatively new smartphone brands have scripted success stories, the time is now seemingly ripe to witness revival of brands which were not too long ago known for premium devices before today’s ‘successful’ brands came into existence. Hence, it makes sense for the former  to update itself and come out with newer avatars to compete in the market; especially the Indian scheme of things.

One brand that not too long ago showed, potential sparks, was Taiwan-based HTC which was not too long ago rumoured to be exiting the smartphones segment. Now, the brand has seemingly dismissed these rumours and stated that it would launch newer phones shortly.

As per a DigiTimes report, HTC loyalists could expect newer and updated smartphone variants from the company, towards 2018-end or in 2019.

However, the USP of this development is that the company is rumoured to be working extensively on integrating newer technological element including 5G; coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technology.

Other technical details have also surfaced, and as per these, there could be a 6GB RAM edition offering 128GB internal storage; this smartphone is speculated to be released during the end of this year. In relation to this, there could be more devices following suit during the early part of next year.

Hence, at this juncture, it becomes imminent to imagine the fact about HTC potentially launching a 5G-compatible smartphone as soon as the global deployment and rollout of 5G goes underway and completed.

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As of now, multiple smartphone brands are speculated to be vying for taking the credit of being the initial adapters of 5G compatibility rollout; even at a global level. This gives an impression about whether HTC would stand out and launch 5G-compatible phones relatively early.

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Now,it is worth remembering that global rollouts of 5G could begin at an unknown time period in 2019; but there have been no official announcements regarding these for now. Till then, could we  potentially look out at an HTC revival as far as 5G smartphones bandwagon is concerned?

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