Microsoft Andromeda In 2019: Foldable Device Could Be Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid


Microsoft Andromeda could be smartphone tablet hybrid, apparently set for launch in 2019. Rumour mills hint that this could be a next-gen device. Do let us know what you think about the rumoured Microsoft Project Andromeda

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Microsoft’s foldable smartphones which have been rumoured for long now could be a reality as early as in 2019. The Redmond-based company is now said to be having plans of launching, in 2019, hardware rumoured to be codenamed “Andromeda” that is said to be a hybrid device offering usability as both a tablet and smartphone.

Now, as per reports that are quoting the book by technology journalist Broad Sams called Beneath a Surface, Microsoft’s lineup in 2019 reportedly contains mentions about the project Andromeda pointing at a potential launch of the foldable smartphone and tablet hybrid device. It has been believed by a section of technology enthusiasts about the Microsoft Andromeda being the successor to its Lumia range of Windows Phones- which have been discontinued for long now.

The book Beneath a Surface is also said to contain details about refreshes to its Xbox gaming hardware as well as Surface range of devices.

At this juncture, it is worth noting that the Project Andromeda from Microsoft has been believed (by Redmond loyalists) to be in the works for long. Hence, it could do the company a world of good potentially to release the next-gen hardware (now believed to be the successor to Windows Phones and also a foldable smartphone-tablet hybrid).

Also, another aspect worth pondering over now is the operating system within the rumoured next-gen Microsoft foldable smartphone-tablet hybrid. Whether these would run an enhanced version of WIndows Phone, or a new platform altogether has not surfaced at this point in time.  Microsoft loyalists could share thoughts on what could be the future OS that Microsoft incorporates within its next-gen devices.

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On the confirmed front, Microsoft has stated that it would have “Lots to Share” during the E3 2019 conference which is an event that has witnessed pull-out form Sony. Potentially, Microsoft could announce positive developments for Xbox One gamers. At this point in time, rumour mills are also rife about the showcase of a next-gen Xbox console.

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