Microsoft Disc-Free Xbox: Could We Witness This At E3 2019?


The Xbox disc free consoles' launch date could be during the E3 2019 conference with its release date potentially being during the later part of 2019 or 2020.

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Will we see disc less Microsoft Xbox One consoles in 2019?

Microsoft’s future consoles could be disc-less, and the release date of these devices could be as early as in 2019. These new rumours add substance to Microsoft having revealed that it has “lots to share” during the E3 2019 event; and these revelations now hint at the Redmond-based company showcasing a disc-less Xbox gaming hardware.

According to a Thurott report, the next-gen Xbox disk-free consoles would not belong to the Scarlett series; but would be standalone units. As of now, it is known that the Scarlett consoles may get to see the light of the day in 2020; but, the latest rumours are hinting at a 2019 unveiling for a new disk-less Xbox family. This means that once official, the disk-free Xbox gaming units would support digital format games. Also, disk-less devices could potentially lead to lesser hardware within the overall system thereby making the next-gen consoles theoretically more compact.

Also, rumours are hinting at a custom initiative that would offer to turn games within discs into digital. It is possible that gamers should actually take game discs to authorized retailers to have these converted into digital and download these. However teh Redmond-based company is yet to mke official announcements regarding the alleged next-gen disc-free Xbox consoles.

Speaking about announcements, the E3 2019 seemingly offers a platform for the company to make the next-gen Xbox official; with less hardware, pricing of these devices could also be competitive (theoretically).  As for the Scarlett consoles, it is still speculated whether these consoles would come with disc-drives. For the time being, all eyes are fixed at the E3 2019 that could be a potential place for exciting announcements from Microsoft.

In game-related developments, the next-gen Sony PlayStation (PS5) is rumoured to be launched in 2020, with a showcase happening at the PSX 2019 event. The most important feature of PlayStation viz the Backwards Compatibility is also speculated to make its presence felt within the PS5 gaming units. Speculated PS4 compatible games, on PS5, include the likes of The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding. More titles could surface soon. Gamers could hence keep their eyes and ears open.

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