Most Popular Flip Phone Of 2000s Moto Razr May Return As A $1,500 Foldable Smartphone This February


The 2019 Moto Razr is said to be a foldable smartphone to seemingly recreate the timeless ‘flipping’ nature of the original

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:
Image courtesy: Motorola Fans

The iconic Moto Razr is apparently on the verge of a comeback. As early as next month. A new WSJ report suggests that Lenovo, the company that now owns Motorola Mobility for all intents and purposes, is working with Verizon to bring the Moto Razr back from the dead. In an updated form factor, suitable for 2019. 

The 2019 Moto Razr is said to be a foldable smartphone to seemingly recreate the timeless ‘flipping’ nature of the original. The updated Moto Razr is currently in testing phase, which means, Lenovo/Motorola may already have a working prototype in its hands. The report adds that Lenovo/Motorola is gearing to launch the device as soon as in February, which also means, the working prototype may already be in the final stages of testing. 

Sadly, hardware specifics of the new Moto Razr are scarce for now. We do not know what it will be called as well. All we know, as per the report, is that the updated Moto Razr will be exclusive to Verizon which means that it will be exclusively available in the US (at least, initially) and it will start at around $1,500 which is still in the affordable ball-park when you consider the Samsung Galaxy Fold that is also said to debut in February. 

But while the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be a new and a completely re-imagined piece of hardware, the foldable Moto Razr will be also banking heavily on nostalgia to make a selling. And with it, Lenovo/Motorola will be trying to pull an HMD/Nokia. Even though the Motorola we know today has a likeable portfolio of products to its name, it is nowhere close to the Motorola of yore. Bringing back the Moto Razr can change that.  

Having said that, it won’t be the same time that Lenovo/Motorola will be looking at the Moto Razr to build up (fresh) hype. Remember the Droid Razr? But while the Droid Razr was just another smartphone with the name Razr slapped on to it, the 2019 Moto Razr could well be the heir apparent.

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