New Update For Super Mario Odyssey Now Live


The new update brings tow new costumes, plus a retro cap for Super Mario

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Super Mario Odyssey now hit by new update

If you are a Super Mario loyalist, then you could check out the latest update to Super Mario Odyssey that is now updated to feature as many as two new costumes for the holiday season. These updates should now be live across Nintendo Switch.

The new updates to Super Mario Odyssey are the traditional Christmas costume and a traditional 8-bit cap that could remind gamers of the good old Mario right from the days of the original Super Mario edition.

Now, to avail the cap, it needs to be purchased from the store on collecting and shelling out at least 9999 coins. The Christmas dresses can be purchased as standalones for 500 coins.

Hence, the new updates seemingly add a retro flavour to Super Mario Odyssey; thus retaining the old-world Mario aspects. ALong with these, gamers could also check out a more pixillated Mario upon availing the 8-bit Mario cap.

In related developments, Amazon’s GameOn Masters has now reached India and lets players join qualifiers from November 16. The championships are slated to take place from February 3- 5 in New Delhi. The winners of the tournament would be rewarded with INR 100000.

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Games at the tournament include the likes of Real Carrom 3D, World Cricket Championship 2, World Table Tennis Championships, and more.

Also, Forza Horizon 4 is now being seeded a new patch that lets gamers select multiple colours for cars. DLC integration of cars into customized garage is also enabled through the latest update.

Finally, in games, the Sony PS5 is hugely rumoured to be showcased in 2019, followed by a release in 2020. The Sony PS5 is also speculated to offer backwards compatibility for PS4 games. At this juncture, it is worth noting that Sony has announced its decision to skip the E3 2019. Hence, the company could potentially be prepping up to showcase the next-gen PlayStation console next year. Do share your thoughts on the next-gen gaming experience.

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