Next-Gen 5G Networks From Jio Slated To Hit Gujarat, Smart Cities And Smart Villages Set To Come To The Fore

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • 5G from Jio could get showcased relatively early in Gujarat
  • Jio could deploy 5G in Gujarat

If you are a smartphone user having subscribed to Reliance Jio’s wireless network services in Gujarat, there could be lots to cheer about considering the fact that 5G deployment by the Mukesh Ambani-led telco is set to hit the state. Mukesh Ambani has in fact made this development official during the recent 9th Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

This potentially serves as indicators of the fact that 5G deployments could be relatively fast in Gujarat.

“Jio’s network is fully 5G ready; which means Gujarat will continue to remain on the forefront of digital connectivity for years to come,” stated Ambani at the summit.

“And on the back of this world-class and most affordable digital connectivity, we can make our beloved Gujarat the numero-uno in building Smart Villages – yes, not only Smart Cities, but also digitally empowered Smart Villages,” he added.

Now, the key takeaway here is the fact that 5G deployment could happen at a fairly rapid pace which means that most Indian telcos may not miss the 5G bus. Also, with Jio having already made substantial investments in introducing technology to societal aspects such as healthcare, agriculture, and even finance; it should only be a matter of time before the first set of truly smart Indian cities start coming to the fore. These could very well be driven by both current-gen technology aspects such as LTE, along with the next-gen 5G wireless standards.

Also, Gujarat could very well potentially churn out the initial set of smart cities. However, with obvious focus on even other geographies by Jio as far as 5G deployment is concerned, mobile subscribers in India in general could get to experience next-gen technical empowerment even earlier than expected.

“Jio is committed to create a fully Digital Gujarat and make Gujarat the best Digitally Connected State in India,” iterated Ambani.

As far as 5G is concerned, multiple wireless carriers in the US have announced pilots of the next-gen wireless technology in select US cities. Nonetheless, till the next-gen wireless standards hit India, curiosity is naturally at an all time high.

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