Next-Gen LG Wearable Could Sport A Camera On The Wrist Band

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  • LG next-gen wearable is rumoured to featuer a camera
  • This camera culd be movable on th wrist band; which is a said to be a prospective prototype

South Korean electronics brand LG could showcase a next-gen smartwatch; USP of this device is potentially its ability to offer a camera to users of the wearable. The company is also said to have filed a patent in this regard.

As per a LetsGoDigital report (translated), the next-gen LG smartwatch would feature a digital camera; at least the patent apparently filed with the USPTO and WIPO seemingly indicates that the new-gen variable would come with a snapper at the front side. Also, the camera is rumoured to have been made movable so that it could move appropriately to properly capture the motion of an object or the object itself.

Also, there is another alternative for the camera to be incorporated on the wearable, as indicated by the above report; this involves users being empowered to fix and move the camera (on the wristband). With Custom-senors, the camera would establish contact with the wearable allowing users to check out the camera and utilise the features to capture image/video of subjects.

Finally, rumours are rife about the camera also supporting functionality such as calorie monitor (of users) whilst scanning QR codes. At this juncture, this rumoured patent could only indicate LG’s plans; but it is not a confirmation about the company releasing the next-gen camera smartwatch.

In related developments, LG is expected by loyalists to show off newer smartphones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 019) this year. This event is also hugely rumoured to witness the unveiling of 5G-enabled smartphones; from major names viz Samsung, and LG. the former is even speculated to launch the Galaxy S10 in February 2019; this handset could very well be amongst the early adapters of 5G; now, remember that it would still take time for 5G network deployment even globally. Do share thoughts and insights on what you expect to witness from LG as far as new wearables and smartphones are concerned in India.

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