Nokia 5 Android Pie Update Now Rolling Out, Android Oreo Update For Nokia 2 In The Works

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Published:


  • HMD Global is now rolling out the Android Pie update for the Nokia 5
  • The Nokia 3.1 is also slated to get the Android Pie update this week

As expected, HMD Global is now rolling out the Android Pie update for the Nokia 5. The Nokia 3.1 is also slated to get the Android Pie update this week but looks like HMD is kickstarting things with the Nokia 5. “We target to cater Pie for Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.1 Plus till this week. Nokia 6 shortly after as soon as we have the Dolby implementation complete,” Juho Sarvikas who is chief product officer, HMD Global, had confirmed on Twitter recently while chalking out the Android Pie update roadmap for its incumbent devices.  

The Nokia 5 now becomes the ninth new-age Nokia phone to get the Android Pie update. Being an Android One phone means that the Nokia 5 will also receive Pixel-exclusive App Actions and Digital Wellbeing features of Android 9 Pie, in addition to all the usual stuff. This includes a host of features including a dark mode and new navigation gestures, adaptive RAM, battery and display management, and more. The update, because it is being rolled out in phases, may not land on all devices at the same time but rest assured all Nokia 5 devices will be updated to Android Pie in the days to come.  

HMD has also confirmed that its entry-level Nokia 2 will get Android Oreo in the days to come. But conditions will apply. Juho has categorically confirmed on Twitter that the Android Oreo update will likely slow down the Nokia 2 because it hasn’t been designed with requisite hardware. In simple terms, the Nokia 2 will not be able to handle Android Oreo as well as other Nokia devices, which is why HMD is advising them to stay on Android Nougat for better performance. Every new update brings along few security fixes as well, but HMD hasn’t mentioned if the Nokia 2 will continue to get them should users stick with Android Nougat and not update their devices to Android Oreo. 

“We introduced Nokia 2 on Android Nougat. Soon after, Google moved devices with 1GB RAM to Android Go for more optimised experience. It is not possible to move a device that launched with Android to Go. Despite this technical challenge we’ve done extensive work together with Google and Qualcomm to enable Android Oreo for Nokia 2. Given that Oreo requires more from the system than Nougat, there is a trade off on snappiness of the experience. This is why we give consumers 2 options: 1) Stay on Nougat with slightly better UI performance or then 2) upgrade to Oreo with latest features. We will enable option 2 shortly via a web page,” Juho writes on Twitter. 

While it’s nice to see HMD working to roll out Android Oreo for the Nokia 2 – an entry-level Nokia phone that packs a massive 4,100mAh battery but comes with only 1GB of RAM like Android Go devices – it would be better if the company also brings more clarity on the state of future updates should users not update to the latest software.

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