Oppo, Huawei Post Impressive Gains In Global Smartphone Shipments, Comes As A Surprise


Huawei has reportedly witnessed the biggest gain, while Oppo has marginally grown in the number of smartphone shipments as well as shipments share.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:
The Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone

Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has continued to increase its global smartphone shipments, as per the latest Counterpoint Research report that has generated data for the period ending the first quarter of 2019. There was another surprise in this report, concerning Xiaomi, as well.  

As per Counterpoint Research, Oppo has reported shipments constituting 26.5 million units for Q1 2019. Here, there has been an increase of 10% from the same time period last year when the brand shipped 24.2 million smartphones.  

Also, Oppo’s shipments share increased marginally during Q1 2019 to 8% globally. Here, you should remember that Oppo has a major presence in markets such as China, and India – especially the latter where the handsets have turned out to be popular and apparently as a challenger to Xiaomi which too has seemingly been embraced with open arms by the smartphone buyer community.  

As far as Xiaomi is concerned, the brand sold 27.8 million smartphones during Q1 2019 – representing a 15 decline over the 28.1 million units shipped last year (during the same time period). The leader in the global smartphone shipments was Samsung - which despite reporting an 8% decline and shipping 72 million smartphones during Q1 2019 maintained its lead over Huawei that reported a staggering 50% rise in global smartphone shipments (59.1 million shippings).  

This has been the maximum rise for any Chinese brand in 2019, and Huawei also had 17% shipments share during this period; closing in on Samsung’s 21% share.  

Another trend is the decline of Apple shipment numbers and share; the Cupertino-based company reported 20% less shipments than in Q1 2018 and a 2% reduction in its total share that now stands at 12%. For Apple’s scheme of things, the iPhone XR reportedly sold well during the period of Q1 2019. Finally, apart from the known brands, three are also other brands that made Counterpoint’s research report. These can be checked out here

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