Oppo’s Waterfall Screen Could Put Samsung’s Curved Infinity Display To Shame 


Days after showing off its under-display selfie camera tech prototype, Oppo has taken to Chinese social media website Weibo to show off a new kind of crazy innovation

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Samsung has been a ‘curved’ smartphone display pioneer for years now – Samsung in fact started the whole trend of dangerously curved screens on smartphones wherein the display would sort of melt into the sides. It’s still doing that – under a new name Infinity. But looks like Chinese brand Oppo is looking to challenge Samsung’s genius through its own curved screen innovation called ‘Waterfall.’ And by the looks of it, Oppo’s new waterfall screen could put Samsung’s curved Infinity display to shame as and when it arrives in a commercially available phone sometime in 2020.  

Days after showing off its under-display selfie camera tech prototype, Oppo has taken to Chinese social media website Weibo to show off a new kind of crazy innovation – aka the Waterfall screen. Oppo’s Waterfall screen builds upon the Find X and takes its curves to a whole new level. We’re looking at an 88-degree curve (curved edges) here, which in a word is, ridiculous. 

The prototype in question does not have any physical buttons – it barely has a mid-frame. So much so that the display looks to spill on to the sides, quite literally. Way beyond Samsung’s Infinity mojo. Clearly, Oppo is looking to get to the golden 100 per cent screen-to-body ratio, and it is looking to get there faster than any other OEM. The prototype has some bezels at the top and bottom though. It would be interesting to see if the final retail product would continue with them or if Oppo is looking cut some flab from there as well. 

It is quite possible that this product may ship with Oppo’s under-display selfie camera tech as well. Oppo recently demoed its under-display selfie camera at MWC Shanghai 2019 and even though the company was quick to note that it would be difficult for an under-display selfie camera to reproduce the same level of quality in photos as a conventional camera, there’s no denying that that’s the next step in smartphone evolution. Its Waterfall screen is yet another futuristic concept that should help it get there soon enough.  

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