PUBG Mobile: New Custom Suit Now Available For 50% Discount In-App

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  • The Fluffy Rabbit Suit WOuld Be Available as In-App Purchases
  • PUBG Mobile has been now hit by Update 0.10.0 introducing Vikendi Snow Map

If you are a PUBG Mobile player checking out the new Vikendi Snow Map that introduces a snowmobile vehicle and new snow mode apart from other enhancements, then you could also check out the customized Fluffy Rabbit suit that is available for 50% less cash than original. For new starters, PUBG Mobile is available for download though both the Google Play as well as Apple App iTunes repositories.

If you are an Android user, you could resort to an in-game purchase within Google Play; when you check out Vikendi Snow Map in PUBG Mobile. The rabbit suit should also be available on the Apple App Store as well. Hence, you could check out both the discounts through your smartphones and share thoughts and insights with us.

In PUBG Mobile related developments, Vikendi is already seeding and the new snow map was for long subject to intense rumours. If you are an early adapter of PUBG Mobile, and Vikendi, then it is worth noting the below official details of the map:

  • Launch the game and notice the new snow-themed mode; from the main Menu.
  • The new update 0.10.0 also introduces a new mechanism for upgrading arms. With this, you could check out the lab for brand new arm-related materials.
  • New interface that lists the effective players’ Crew Challenge results.
  • You should be able to report in-game cheating comparatively better trough an all new interface.
  • Snowmobile vehicle to navigate the snow-filled terrains

Hence, you could check out Vikendi snow map and do let us know your thoughts and insights on the new snow map; along with the above, you should also be able to check out a new parachuting mechanism. To play PUBG Mobile within your Android smartphones, it is worth remembering that your phones should have a minimum of Android 5.1.1 and 2GB RAM for the game to run relatively performance glitch-free.

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