Realme Takes A Dig At Xiaomi, Says Redmi K20 Is An Expensive Phone


Realme wants buyers in India to be real and pick the Realme X phone over Xiaomi’s Redmi K20

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Updated On:

Realme wants buyers in India to be real and pick the Realme X phone over Xiaomi’s Redmi K20. Why? Because, the Realme X seemingly offers a ‘real’ full screen display at a lesser price – or, in other words, the Redmi K20 is an expensive phone. The Realme X does have a bigger screen, you’ll have to give it that, and it is also a very capable phone at its price. You can read our full review of the Realme X here

But the Redmi K20 Pro also offers so much more in comparison seemingly justifying its higher price tag – something that Realme’s jab doesn’t take into account. Not only does the Redmi K20 Pro offer an all-glass and Aluminum design which is also splash-resistant, but it is also a more powerful phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor inside – which is paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage to boot. Even as the Realme X is all-plastic and packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710.  

The Redmi K20 also comes with more cameras which are better stacked, at least on paper, over the Realme X’s dual camera setup. Also, the Redmi K20 has a 20MP front camera while the Realme X makes do with a 16MP selfie shooter. 

The Redmi K20 also has a larger 4,000mAh battery and supports High-Res audio. 

While the Realme X is certainly a bigger phone with a bigger screen, the Redmi K20 is also not very far behind – and in terms of all-round quality, the Redmi K20’s screen does trump the Realme’s by a fair margin. All of this makes Realme’s proposition and Twitter jibe simply uncalled for. The Realme X maybe a great phone at its price, but the Redmi K20 has what it takes to be the market leader at its asking price – and even though that asking price is relatively higher, Xiaomi has a more potent spec-sheet to justify it. Something that not many brands can today. 

The rivalry between Xiaomi and Realme isn’t anything new though. Both the brands have taken to social media many times now to show off their products while taking a dig at the other’s. A silver lining that comes out from this rivalry is how exciting the budget and mid-tier segment has become in India, and how it is pushing other brands to also up their game – which is always a win-win situation for buyers. 

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