Researchers Discover New Design To Increase Smartphone Battery Life


A new electrode design could be the answer to the problem of smartphone battery juice running out within reportedly shorter span. This is the nanochain approach

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A new electrode design could be the answer to the problem of smartphone battery juice running out within reportedly shorter spans. This design restructures the Lithium-Ion battery elements thereby potentially allowing for an increased backup time offered by the battery. To achieve this, scientists at Purdue University have proposed an arrangement of nano elements called “nanochain” that has been determined to enhance battery lives. These nanochains are then assembled as nanochain electrodes.  

Nanochain-driven approach

Detailing the above nanochain-driven approach in a new study that also appears as the cover of Purdue University’s September magazine, researchers add that when batteries consisting of nanochain electrodes were charged for 30 minutes, they were found to have clocked up double Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery capability over 100 charge-discharge battery cycles. The team of researchers also comprised of Indian-origin scientists. “You want to accommodate that type of expansion in your smartphone batteries. That way you’re not carrying around something unsafe,’ stated researcher Vilas Pol who is also Associate Professor at the Chemical Engineering department.  

Nanochain assembly battery tests

Also, the above nanochain assembly has been found to expand rapidly. To handle this expansion effectively, researchers also propose the application of a nucleating agent as well as a reducing agent. The research team have also stated that they would be carrying out future tests within pouch cell batteries. As far as the application to smartphones is concerned, in the real world, extensive research and real-world tests are the need of the hour. Till findings of these come out, everything is restricted to concepts for now.  In case the nanaochain-driven approach does manage to emerge out of the conceptual stage, smartphone batteries could get a lot better both qualitatively as well as quantitatively (the potentially increased battery backup time). Don't you think so?

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