image Courtesy: @UniverseIce
image Courtesy: @UniverseIce


Samsung Galaxy S10+ Could Be World’s First Commercially Available Smartphone With 12GB RAM, 1TB Storage

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Published:

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is coming on February 20. Alongside the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E. Unlike previous Galaxy S phones, Samsung maybe looking to offer much more differentiation between its Galaxy S10 models, if a string of rumours doing the rounds of the Internet are anything to go by. Not only will the Galaxy S10+ reportedly come with two selfie cameras embedded into the display, a new leak now suggests that its top-tier SKU will pack a whopping 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage. 

If true, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ may become the world’s first commercially available smartphone with 12GB RAM and 1TB storage. The only other commercially viable smartphone that offers 12GB RAM is Lenovo’s crazy slider Z5 Pro GT phone but even that one maxes out at 512GB storage. Not to mention, the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT isn’t commercially available for buying yet, and even when t will go on sale, chances are it will be exclusive to China for the unseeble future. 

The Galaxy S10+ 12GB RAM and 1TB storage variant will also reportedly use new materials in construction. The leak suggests that this variant will be carved out of ceramic – a first for Samsung. Now ceramic is also not new to the smartphone world – phones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix and the Essential Phone are classic examples -- but the leak suggests, Samsung is looking to give it a twist. Ceramic, although it is perhaps the most scratch-resistant material for a smartphone, is also as brittle as they come. Which means, you must be careful, while using it. Whatever you do, don’t drop it. Samsung may have found a way around this Achilles heel though. 

“The Galaxy S10+ 12GB/1TB version will have a ceramic back cover. This ceramic has a special process that is not only scratch resistant but also resistant to falling, but the weight will increase. This is the most advanced version of the S10+. There is a metallic luster,” notes tipster Ice Universe. 

All the other variants of the Galaxy S10+ should have a glass (Corning Gorilla Glass 5 most probably) back and an outer frame carved out of metal, much like how it has been traditionally with Samsung’s Galaxy S phones. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E are also expected to be on similar lines, with the latter also said to launch in a bevy of colours.

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