Samsung Galaxy S10 Subjected To Durability Tests: Check Out How The Flagship Performed


The Samsung Galaxy 10 was subjected to durability tests by JerryRigEverything. Check out how the smartphone performed in these tests.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 which was launched recently has now been subjected to durability tests, it's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor has come under intense evaluation. How do you like this?

Renowned technology analyst going by the YouTube moniker of Jerry Rig Everything has put the Galaxy S10 to durability evaluations, in his new video he can be seen carrying out a series of tests starting from the scratch test. Check these out in detail below:

The scratch test

In the video linked above, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s Infinity-O display is subjected to multiple levels of scratches which start to show from level 7 of the scratch test. Then the front camera and the speaker groove are also subjected to scratches. The sides are made of Aluminum. the different keys come out when scratched.

The Screen test

When the display is subjected to flames, the Infinity-O display holds up for 30 seconds before there are certain marks which disappear over time and the display is back to normal (upon cooling down). However, the lames seemingly evaporated the screen’s outer oleophobic coating.

The Ultimate - Ultrasonic Fingerprint durability test

When the bottom of the display, near and on the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor area, is subjected to scratches from a level 7 prick, scratches were visible but the scanner still continues functioning normally. The handset got unlocked.

Pressure tests

When the tipster tries to bend the smartphone, there were no visible bends but only minor cracks on the display near the fingerprint scanner. The scanner still works but cannot take more scratches.

The verdict

With these tests, it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy S10 packs in at least a decent amount of substance, you should be able to pull through with the phone for a relatively long period of time provided you do not divert from your regular usage and do not subject the phone to extremely varying conditions (of all sort). In case you have subjected the Galaxy S10 to your own durability tests, os share your insights.

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