Samsung Is Giving Away A Free Huawei Phone If You’re In China


Huawei may be in a tight spot internationally, but back home in China, it’s still the undisputed king in the North

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Huawei may be in a tight spot internationally, but back home in China, it’s still the undisputed king in the North. So much so that Samsung wants to use its popularity in order to promote its own products. In one such bizarre promotional spree, Samsung’s ISOCELL division is giving away a free Huawei phone in China to promote its latest 32MP GD1 image sensor.  

For those unaware, Samsung makes phones, and it also makes phone parts including image sensors we see in many third-party phones – that's a major source of revenue for the South Korean major especially in markets like China where its phones (now) hold just one per cent market share. And China being the world’s largest phone market, just can’t be avoided.  

Huawei’s Nova 4e has a 32MP front camera that uses Samsung’s GD1 image sensor. One big highlight of the GD1 sensor is the fact that it can allow the phone’s ISP to computationally convert the default 8MP array into a 32MP image – so you could, for instance, shoot high-resolution 32MP selfies in good light, and sharper, more detailed 8MP selfies in tricky and low light. 

Samsung is giving away a free Huawei Nova 4e in China to promote its 32MP GD1 sensor. And it would be hoping it would also help boost sales of its own phones that pack the same sensor. Earlier in the year, Samsung had announced that its Galaxy S10 line up has done well in China – better than the last Galaxy S phones. Having said that, Samsung’s market share in China is still nothing to write home about. Here, Huawei and its subsidiary Honor rule the roost, which is possibly why Samsung maybe taking this route to woo Chinese consumers.    

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone maker and even though the current Huawei debacle may help it achieve even more profits globally, in China, things are different. So, it seems.    

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