This Could Be Samsung’s First Foldable Galaxy Phone

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Samsung has already confirmed that it is working on a foldable phone and it is very likely that it will show it off at its Galaxy S10 Unpacked keynote event on February 20. At its annual developer conference last year, Samsung had first teased its foldable phone and it had apparently shown it off to select customers behind closed doors at CES 2019. While it isn’t clear if they got to see a fully-fledged prototype, Samsung had only unveiled a foldable Galaxy phone locked inside a case of some kind at its developer conference. 

A new Galaxy Unpacked teaser video was recently posted by Samsung – possibly by accident – online and in it lie subtle hints about the company’s upcoming foldable Galaxy phone. The video has since been taken down. It seems to be a promo for all things Samsung may be working on for future, and a foldable phone is also one such thing. It isn’t exactly clear if the foldable phone seen in the video represents a concept or if it is the soon-to-launch Galaxy Fold or whatever Samsung decides to call it.

It is foldable though and isn’t encased in a cover, so you can see it in all its glory. Samsung had called it “stunning” to look at, at its developer conference. The phone seen in the video does look stunning, with a single fold to reveal a tablet. The Galaxy Fold, Samsung has confirmed, will give users access to two categories of devices: a 7.3-inch primary tablet kind and a smaller 4.58-inch phone form factor: in one device. 

A device like the Galaxy Fold won’t be easy to pull off. Samsung did not apparently opt for a broader showcase of its foldable phone at CES 2019 seemingly because the product was not ready for prime-time. There were alleged structural issues with the folding process. The prototype was seen leaving a crease when folded into its single-hand mode Which invariably means, it would just split into two at some point of time. Samsung is now working to fix the issue and should be able to iron out the chinks ahead of Unpacked 2019 where it will also announce the Galaxy S10 line-up of devices.

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