VIDEO: OnePlus Answers The Five Biggest Questions On Completing Five Years

Written By Nazia Iqbal | Mumbai | Published:

OnePlus is celebrating its fifth anniversary and its been quite a ride for the Chinese smartphone maker. Ever since it launched it's first 'invite only' OnePlus device in 2014, the brand has seen nothing but acceptance from it's growing community. OnePlus tasted success early on with its first device OnePlus One, but it was quickly followed by a mistake called the OnePlusX where the device maker tried to venture into budget phones but failed. The company took no time to learn from its mistake and stopped working on budget phones completely, a difficult decision to make as users gravitated towards Chinese smartphones mainly for their low prices. It was probably the best decision for the company as it went on to make some of the best performance led premium phones out there. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, OnePlus launched a special edition device in partnership with McLaren. The new smartphone packs in a 10GB RAM and is the most expensive offering from the company till date. We caught up with Vikas Agarwal from OnePlus India to talk about the hits and misses in the five years of the brand.