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What Is VAS Subscription In Vodafone? What Are The Services Included In VAS?

What is VAS subscription in Vodafone? Here is everything you need to know about VAS subscription in Vi and what are the services included in it.

what is vas subscription in vodafone

Vi VAS subscription

After rebranding Vodafone Idea to Vi, the organisation has been slowly taking up the market with interesting recharge plans, new product offers and more. The organisation did an excellent job at providing uninterrupted service to the entire nation during an excess demand for mobile data and faster internet in 2020. Nevertheless, as the SIM card seller's user base keeps on increasing, many of its customers are wondering about what is VAS subscription in Vodafone. If you have been thinking about the same, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

What is VAS subscription in Vodafone?

The SIM card industry has grown immensely over the past few years. In the past what appeared to be just limited to rendering calling and internet service, has now become a major market for OTT, online calling and much more. As of now, very Vodafone Idea recharge will provide you with a certain plan that includes the internet, unlimited calling, SMSes and more. Nevertheless, when the companies provide so much then what is VAS? The term VAS stands for Value Added Services. In simple terms, it simply indicates services that will charge you money beyond your recharge pack.

What are the services included in VAS subscription?

While you get most of the services in a coupled Vi recharge plan, there are still extra services that are not added to the plans. For example: If you want to add a caller tune (not a ringtone) you will be charged extra for a month, apart from your current plan (many telecom companies have integrated apps like Jio Music or Wynk Music which makes these services for free). However, if you pay extra for any services such as horoscope/ Shayari/ caller tune and more provided by the seller for a monthly price, it is deemed as a VAS subscription.

Vodafone does not provide a free caller tune subscription, as of writing this article. So, you have to pay a nominal fee to the company; Prepaid users pay Rs 36 for 28 days and Postpaid users will be charged Rs 36 per month and Rs 15 for 90days, as mention on the official site. 

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