Why PUBG Scores Better Than Fortnite: PUBG Revenue Surpasses Fornite For The First Time On IOS Platform


PUBG vs Fortnite gameplay, features compared: Spending on PUBG Mobile for iOS and Android has increased exponentially over the last seven days as compared to a week before.

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PUBG Mobile continues to make the headlines! According to a research firm Sensor Tower, spending on PUBG Mobile for iOS and Android has increased exponentially over the last seven days as compared to a week before.

The report went on to reveal that overall PUBG Mobile revenue grew over 165 per cent last week. PUBG Mobile saw a huge leap to $12 million (approximately Rs 85 crore) from $4.5 million (approximately Rs 32 crores).

The key highlight from the report was that PUBG Mobile iOS managed to surpass Fortnite’s revenue during the same period. This is for the first time ever since PUBG Mobile started monetising in April this year.

Here’s what Sensor Tower Mobile Insights chief Randy Nelson had to say:

"This was 43 per cent more than rival Fortnite grossed on iOS devices during the same period, marking the first week since PUBG Mobile began monetizing in April that its player spending eclipsed that of the Epic Games developed the title.”

He further added:

“Comparing the two games on Apple's platform alone, PUBG Mobile grossed just 20 per cent less than Fortnite last week, and out-earned it on two of the seven days, November 21 and 22. This is the first time it has done so on the same platform.”

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PUBG Mobile vs Fortnite: How do they compare 

Following are some of the key differences between the two games:


One of the primary differences is in terms of graphics. Characters seem more real in PUBG Mobile than in Fortnite. And the same thing applies to weapons, vehicles etc. When it comes to Fortnite though, details seem way too uncanny. Characters are more glossy and animated to an extent that makes the whole gameplay experience a bit too unnatural.

Cross-platform support

Fortnite users on mobile can compete with those on console or desktop, thanks to its cross-platform support. But that isn’t the case with PUBG. If you are a PUBG Mobile user, you can’t compete or ally with someone on desktop or console (not even emulator)

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Another reason for this could be different gameplay experience and difficulty level on different platforms. Similarly, features are also different across different platforms when it comes to PUBG. On Fortnite, features are more or less the same across all the platforms.

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