Would We Actually Witness Sony PS5 And New Xbox One In 2019?


An analyst now expects both Sony and Microsoft to announce next-gen gaming consoles in 2019.

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Would We Actually Witness Sony PS5 and New Xbox One in 2019?

The highly expected next-gen Sony PlayStation (PS5) console that has been highly rumoured to get a launch date of 2019 could now happen at exactly this time. As of now, there have been rumours that have hinted at the possibility of SOny showcasing a next-gen console during the PlayStation X (PSX) event in 2019.

Now, gaming analyst Mat Piscatella has opined that here could be a decline in sales of Sony’s current-gen PS4 as well as the Xbox One next year. He states that a next-gen device (tough unspecified) could be announced next year; this could even flare up the apparent projection indicating the decline.

Here, it is worth noting that Piscatella’s insights about a next-gen console could very well point to a next-gen Xbox One and the Sony PS5. These insights also add substance to rumour mills that are working overtime hinting at a 2019 showcase and 2020 release of the next-gen gaming hardware.

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Also, Sony has already announced that it would stay away from the E3 2019 in which Microsoft expects that it would have “lots to share” with enthusiasts. Hence, there could be multiple aspects as far as both consoles as well as gaming hardware is concerned.

In related developments, Sony is also said to be taking time off from E3 2019 to add substance (with respect to development) to the purported PS5. One feature that is now rumoured to make its way to the console is the backwards compatibility functionality for PS4.

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Likewise, Microsoft is also said to be looking at releasing disc-less gaming consoles; hence, it should not be an exaggeration to state that these could even be showcased at E3 2019; being one of the “lots to share” aspects that Microsoft has in mind.

In this regard, do let us know as to what you expect to see within the next-gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft; also, are you ready to experience digital-only games within next-gen Xbox One consoles, as rumoured.

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