Xiaomi Discontinues Redmi Note 7 In India After Redmi Note 7S Launch 


In a surprising turn of events, Xiaomi has discontinued the Redmi Note 7 in India

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:
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In a surprising turn of events, Xiaomi has discontinued the Redmi Note 7 in India, a day after it announced an upgraded version, aka the Redmi Note 7S with better camera hardware in the country. While not as surprising from a pure business point of view, this is the first time that Xiaomi is killing a product just two months after launch - that’s big news.  

“The Redmi Note 7 is being phased out now. The Redmi Note 7S will eventually take its place, albeit with a few days of overlap but that’s it,” a Xiaomi spokesperson confirmed in an email statement to Republic World.  

What this means is that Xiaomi has essentially stopped making fresh Redmi Note 7 stocks - which invariably means that the Redmi Note 7 will be available only until stocks last now.  

Xiaomi will continue to offer timely software updates and hardware after-sales as promised, the spokesperson added.  

The Redmi Note 7 that Xiaomi has been selling in India, is different from both its Chinese as well as global variants. The Redmi Note 7 India variant ships with a 12MP plus 2MP depth rear dual camera system, even as the Chinese and global variants pack a 48MP plus 5MP setup. This is because Xiaomi wanted to stay true to the Redmi Note legacy. A Redmi Note 7 with a 48MP camera would seemingly have increased cost. 

One of the main premises of the Redmi Note 7 India variant was that it fell in line with the Redmi Note legacy - Xiaomi launched it because it was seemingly possible to launch it at an entry-level price of Rs 9,999. One would assume, the Redmi Note 7S wouldn’t have made the cut, which is why Xiaomi didn’t bring it to India initially.  

The question is, what happens to that segment and the Redmi Note 7 legacy now that the Redmi Note 7 has been officially phased out in India?  

“Hard to say at this moment, will depend on a lot of factors. With that in mind, it would be unfair for us to comment on this right now.” 

The Redmi Note 7-series has been a runaway hit in India - Xiaomi says it has sold 20 lakh Redmi Note 7-series phones in India in two months. And while it hasn’t broken that figure down to say how much of a role the Redmi Note 7 has played in its success, the number may not be very high – which could be one reason why Xiaomi is letting it go so soon.  

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