Xiaomi Mi 9 Key Features: Aspects You Should Know Before You Lay Your Hands On The Phone, After It Is Launched

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Check out certain noteworthy aspects of the Xiaomi Mi 9
  • The Xiaomi Mi 9 has now been launched

The Xiaomi Mi 9 which is has been launched in an event in China, comes with a 48MP camera that on paper is a first-for as far as modern smartphone cameras are concerned (on the outer side of it, not image quality wise). This 48MP snapper makes the Mi 9 a theoretical flagship that seemingly becomes natural for Xiaomi loyalists (and others as well) to desire to check out the key features that the smartphone offers its owners.

Here, the good news is that multiple features/functionality have already come to the fore officially; and it does no harm to list these out officially as well. Check out, certain noteworthy aspects of the Xiaomi Mi 9, below:

  • An unconventional design: Gauging the official images of the Xiaomi Mi9, its unconventional all-curved design clearly comes to the fore. This seems to be tad diversionary from the design elements of the Mi 8 current-gen smartphone.
  • Always-On display: This also comes with Always On Display patterns that are customizable.
  • Dark Mode by default: The Xiaomi Mi 9’s user interface (UI) comes with a default dark mode that should contribute towards power savings.
  • Reading Mode 2.0: In case you manage to lay your hands on the Xiaomi Mi 9, you should notice relatively easier customization as far as reading content on the screen is concerned. In summary, the brightness levels should shift dynamically offering optimal reading conditions; under varying temperatures.
  • Game Turbo: Gamer should be able to indulge in exploring different gameplay without fretting over having to experience lags in performance.
  • Google Assistant at your command exclusively: There is a dedicated button you could use to launch Google Assistant.

The above features encompass the likes of the four cameras viz the 48 MP + 16 MP + 12 MP rear cameras, and 24 MP front camera/selfie snapper. For the uninitiated, the Xiaomi Mi 9 has just been launched and priced at nearly Rs 38000. 

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