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Apple's 'spring Loaded' Event Sparks Hilarious Meme Fest; Tim Cook Steals The Show

Event featured vibrant, and colourful Apple products with impressive redesigns and advanced updates that swept Apple’s long-standing buyers off their feet.


(Image Credit: AP/Twitter/@Viariatracy)

Apple in its most awaited ‘spring loaded’ event on Tuesday unveiled an extraordinary product line, with a series of new launches raging from the newest purple iPhone 12 with MagSafe accessories and HomePod mini, to overhauled Apple watches, new iPads Pros with the M1 chip and $29 Airbags, iMac computers, Apple TV 4K with Siri mode. The event featured the vibrant, and colourful Apple products with impressive redesigns, advanced updates and dynamic technology that swept Apple’s long-standing buyers off their feet. Apple’s redesigned colourful iMacs displayed in several right colours with skinny profile attracted memes and humour, as several users cried buckets expressing the will to buy the new slim bezels. “I’ll take the silver one,” one joked on Twitter, as users flooded the platform with memes, celebrating Apple’s rainbow-themed event. 

“I need the purple iPhone for my aesthetic!” A Twitter user said, sharing the iPhone 12 meme that featured multiple purple coloured products. “Me choosing the best payment method for that purple iPhone 12 mini and IMac,” one other said, sharing three options for mode of payment and making laughter emoticons. “IMAC just got a rainbow refresh, and you should totally be living for it!” One other said, sharing a short clip. “Apple knows what's up,” yet one other Twitter user joked referring to the craze and mania that engulfed Twitter.  “Me checking out the iPad Pro with my 0.00 account balance,” an aspiring purchaser wrote, sharing a hilarious meme. 

Apple in its event that coincided with Earth Day announced that its new iPad Pro would have 5G connectivity, and will be at least 75 per cent more powerful and faster than the previous first-generation iPads. In order to demonstrate that, Apple CEO Tim Cook released a spy thriller short movie clip showing a burglary at an Apple campus. But instead of a heist, the burglar inserts the M1 chip he took from the MacBook into the iPad, and as he turns and removes his mask, the burglar is none other than CEO Tim Cook.

The video clip sparked an onslaught of jokes online as Apple customers hurled funny questions such as Why is Apple CEO Tim Cook breaking into his own campus? Does he not have the keys to just use the front entrance?  Another shared a meme that read, “Tim looking at my bank account.” Memes poured it as users cracked jokes and poked fun at Cook’s candid grin as he inserts the MacBook’s M1 chip into the iPad. 

(Image Credit: AP/Twitter/@Viariatracy)

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