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Mobile Internet Download Speed In India Rose By Nearly 47% In Last One Year: Reports

According to the recent Speedtest Global Index of average download and uploads speed released by Ookla, India gains six positions from May to June 2021.

Mobile Internet Download Speed in India rises by 47%


Ookla's Speedtest Global Index reveals an increase in internet speeds in India. According to the report, the average mobile download speed in India has increased from 15.34  Mbps in May 2021 to 17.84Mbps in June 2021. Additionally, the average broadband internet speed had also increased from 55.65Mbps to 58.17Mbps. Keep reading to know more about mobile internet speed in India and the rising trend.

Mobile Internet Speed in India

Mobile Internet 

According to the recent Speedtest Global Index released by Ookla, India now stands at number 122, gaining six positions from the last month. The average download speed for June 2021 increases to 17.84Mbps, which is capable of downloading an HD movie in about 12 minutes. Last year in June, the average mobile download speed was 12.16Mbps, indicating a 47% increase from the last year. The upload speed and the latency remains to be 5.17Mbps and 48ms respectively. Globally, the average mobile internet speed is 55.34Mbps for downloading and 12.69Mbps for uploading.  

Fixed Broadband 

The average Fixed Broadband speed in India has also improved, gaining 3 positions to stand at number 30 on Speedtest Global Index. The average download speed stands at 58.17Mbps, which is fast enough to download an HD movie in about 4 minutes. The average upload speed follows closely at 54.43Mbps, while the latency remains 17ms. Globally, the average broadband download speed is 106Mbps, whereas the upload speed stands at 57.67Mbps, with a latency of 20ms. 

Internet Download Speed increase over time 

  June 2020 December 2020 June 2021
Mobile Internet  12.16Mbps 12.91Mbps 17.84Mbps
Fixed Broadband  38.19Mbps 53.90Mbps 58.17Mbps

Global Internet Speed

The average global mobile internet download speed has risen from 34.67Mbps in June 2020 to 55.34Mbps in June 2021. The United Arab Emirates has the fastest mobile internet speeds in the world, with the average download speed being 193.51Mbps. South Korea follows closely at second position with 180.48Mbps average mobile internet speed. Qatar and Norway hold third and fourth positions with 171.76Mbps and 167.60Mbps download speeds respectively. The global leader of average Fixed Broadband speed is Monaco with 260.74Mbps. Singapore and Hong Kong closely follow with 252.68Mbps and 248.94Mbps respectively. However, the average for global upload speeds is 57.67Mbps.

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