5 Things You Will Not Believe Were Invented In India!

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1. Mangalyaan - India is the first country to conduct a successful Mars mission in the first attempt.The mission cost India $73 million (Rs.450 crores) which is cheaper than an eight-lane bridge in Mumbai!

2. Fiber optics - Faster Internet, Cable Television, non-intrusive surgery & dentistry! Everything is possible because of Dr Narinder Singh Kapany, the ‘Father of Fiber Optics'

3. Cataract Surgery - Indian Physician Sushruta performed what may have been the first extracapsular cataract surgery

4. Water On Moon - The discovery of Lunar water is attributed to the Chandrayaan mission

5. Navigation -  The art of Navigation was born centuries ago, near the river Sindh. The word navigation is also derived from Sanskrit word ‘Navgatih’

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